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Nancy (Banfield) Le Boeuf - June 6, 2021 Our classmate Nancy passed away June 6 in Appleton, WI. Services will be held at 11 a.m. on Monday, June 14, at St. John Nepomucene Catholic Church, 323 S. Pine Street, Little Chute, WI. VIEW OBITUARY Lee Raymond Meneghini - January 4, 2021 Our classmate Lee Meneghini age 77 of Norway, passed away Monday, January 4, 2021 after a courageous battle with COVID-19 at the Zablocki VA Medical Center in Milwaukee, WI. VIEW OBITUARY A memorial service for Lee will be held at St. Mary's Church in Norway. at 11:30 a,m. on Friday, July 9. 2020 Vision: Classmates Met for Lunch in Big City Took our party on the road … Greenleaf Bar & Grill, Iron Mt, 1/29/20 Thanks to all who made this winter day a bit brighter! Attending were (clockwise from lower left in photo below): Lee & Margie Meneghini, Bert & Donna Peterson, Mickey & Judy Dapoz, Darlene & John Lovato, Ron & Shirley Debernardi, Janice (Vivio) Bilski, Shirley (Jansen) Clarke, and Karen (Swanson) Salling. (click photo to enlarge image) We Did It Again: Oak Crest Thurs Aug 22, 2019 Thanks to all who attended. We had a great time … we always do! Attending were: Tom & Colleen Carlson, Mike & Judy Dapoz, John Lovato, Lee Meneghini, Barb (Guzzonato) Opolka, Darlene (Larson) Peebles, Carol (Brisson) Zechlin, and Bert & Donna Peterson. Dennis Anderson, class of ‘62, dropped by on his way to golf. Youngsters are always welcome, whether from classes behind us or ahead of us. The Scoop on Lunch at Mike’s, Thursday June 20 Seniors for 58 years and counting; a good time was had by all Here’s the list of attendees at today’s lunch. Ron and Shirley DeBernardi, John Lovato, Lee Meneghini, Karen (Swanson) Salling, Carol (Brisson) Zechlin, Bert and Donna Peterson. Seniors of ‘61 Lunch at Norway Senior Center Apr 29 Change of venue … also in day of week … it was a MONDAY! A youngster suggested that we hold a class luncheon at the Norway Senior Citizens Center. Shirley DeBernardi told us that some other classes have been having their lunches there (we can look old so we fake being seniors). Seemed like a good idea, so we gave it a try. Had a great time; food was excellent, and the volunteer staff was friendly and helpful. Thanks to Shirley DeBernardi for the suggestion! Attending were Marie (Flessati) and Bob Belanger, Tom Carlson, Ron DeBernardi, Karin (Krook) Norman, John Lovato, Bert and Donna Peterson, and Karen (Swanson) Salling. Lunch Report - Fun & Games - Sept 20, 2018 Mike’s on Main, 11:30 … guests welcome, as usual During our lunch we worked on a trivia question, devised by Ken and Bert. It is a list of many nicknames of teachers and students who were in high school at least one year that we were there (Class of 1958 through about 1964). You fill in their real names. CLICK HERE TO VIEW / PRINT LIST Attending were: Terry and Kay Backlund, Tom Carlson, John Lovato, Lee Meneghini, Karen (Krook) Norman, Bert Peterson. We are thinking of having the next get-together in early December. If any of you out-of-towners are going to be in the area before then and would like to have a lunch or even a coffee, let Bert know, and we'll call a special one. Record Crowd Attends Class Lunch Wed May 23 Our classmates are still so active, it’s hard to get ‘em togther! The class luncheon on Wednesday, May 23 was held at the Big Ten in Quinnesec. Bert reports that attendees included himself and his wife, Donna, and Karen Salling. That’s the smallest turnout yet … Bert says he really knows how to pick dates, and will try again, maybe in July, but won’t pick a date too close to the holiday weekend! Spring Fling Lunch Held at Mike’s on Main Mar 28 We’re still the “Seniors of NHS 1961” We enjoyed conversations and friendship at our class lunch once again. Attending were: Terry Backlund, Mickey and Judy Dapoz, Ron and Shirley DeBernardi, Dick and Rose Mary DeRidder, Carol (Brisson) Zechlin, Bert and Donna Peterson. Bert distributed an updated booklet with pictures as a tribute to our deceased classmates. Let him know if you want one mailed to you. We discussed a number of folks who were classmates for a while and who later dropped out or moved away. Believe it or not, the list is up to 25 names. List is available if you want to have one. Lunch Bunch Gathers Again Oct 25, 2017 Fall brings cool temps … and get-together brings cool people! Thanks all for attending our lunch. We had a very good turnout and had lots of fun. There was even a suggestion of having a class dance party this winter. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. Classmates who enjoyed our time today included Janise (Vivio) Bilski, Tom Carlson, Ruth (Massa) Couch, John Lovato, Lee and Margie Meneghini, Karin (Krook) Norman, Darlene (Larson) Peebles, Glen and Eeva Peroceschi, Bert and Donna Peterson, Karen (Swanson) Salling, and Carol (Brisson) Zechlin We were fortunate to have guests from the years before and after us: From 1960 -- John and Mary Kimichik From 1962 -- Bill Dolan and Charlie Yonts Midsummer Luncheon Wednesday July 19 at Mike’s Feels like high school all over again … we’re still seniors! We enjoyed another get-together at Mike’s. While chatting, we passed around some new and old photos: a studio picture of Bonnie (Trepanier) Gurgall, July 2017 photo of Gloria (Bergwall) Cavagnetto and her daughter Amy from their recent visit to town, prints of some of Joe Giannunzio's recent paintings, pictures of a play the girls were in back in elementary school, and a few more. Attending from out-of-town were Lois (Beckstorm) Zember, Glen Perochesci, and Joe Giannunzio. Others attending included Terry Backlund, Darlene (Larsen) Peebles, Mickey and Judy Dapoz, Barb (Helmer) Schultz, Karen (Krook) Norman, and Bert Peterson. Classmates Enjoy Luncheon Thurs May 18 at Mike’s Spring has sprung, and a bunch of our classmates got together today. Attending today’s luncheon were: Janise (Vivio) Bilski, Tom and Colleen Carlson, Mickey Dapoz, Ron and Shirley DeBernardi, John Lovato, Lee and Margie Meneghini, Darlene (Larsen) Peebles, Bert and Donna Peterson, and Karen (Swanson) Salling. We were seniors in 1961, and we still are! Luncheon Report - 2/22/2017 - Mike’s on Main A good time was had by all … Bert calls it “a class with class.” We were seniors in 1961, and we’re STILL seniors. Or, maybe more accurately, seniors AGAIN. And it’s still fun getting together with classmates from Norway High School! 56 years later. Attendees today included Carol (Brisson) Zechlin, Ron and Shirley DeBernardi, John Lovato (Demi's dad?) Lee Meneghini, Micky and Judy Dapoz, Karen (Swanson) Salling, Marie (Flessati) and Bob Belanger, Nancy (Banfield) and Luke LeBouef, Terry Backlund, Ruth (Massa) Couch, and Bert and Donna Peterson. Get-together at Big 10 in Quinnesec Wed Oct 5, 2016 The “lunch bunch” enjoyed another chance to swap stories, etc. We had a great time at our lunch today. Thanks to all for attending or sending your greetings. Bert relayed greetings from those who could not attend. Also, thanks from Barb (Helmer) Schultz for your thoughts, prayers, and flowers. She is doing well, and that is certainly great news. Good looking group below. Thanks to Shirley DeB. for taking the alternate picture so you can see all of us in attendance. CLICK PIX TO ENLARGE Clockwise from lower left: Shirley DeBernardi (first pic only), John Lovato, Bert Peterson (second pic only), Donna Peterson, Carol Zechlin, Karen Salling, Karin Norman, Janise Bilski, Marie Belanger, and Bob Belanger. Luncheon Held At Oak Crest Wed March 30, 2016 “A class with true class!” Attended by 12 old Vikings, some spouses. We tried a new location for our lunch adventure, and it worked out well. Oak Crest was ready for us with good food and service (thanks, Kendra!), and it’s certainly a place we’ll visit again. We’re including two pix, because ONE person was missing from each (took turns with camera). Attending, clockwise from left, were: Shirley DeBernardi (missing on right pic, Ron DeBernardi, Lee Meneghini, Janise (Vivio) Bilski, Bert Peterson (missing on left pic) John Lovato, Bob Belanger, Marie (Flessati) Belanger, Terry Backlund, Kay Backlund (hidden in left pic), Judy Dapoz (hidden in left pic), Mike Dapoz, and Carol (Brisson) Zechlin. Click on photos to see larger view! Knight Owl Adventure - Wednesday Jan 20, 2016 Thank you to all the classmates who braved the winter and joined us for lunch at the Knight Owl. And an extra thank you for your good-natured patience with the looooooooooong waits for service. You are a class with Real Class. And thanks to you who helped with the coffee and offered to train for a wait-staff job. In spite of it all, we seemed to have a good time. Ronnie shared some great pictures of deer and bear. Bert routed photos of Joe Giannunzio's latest paintings. We discussed the upcoming Norway125 celebration (125 Anniversary). It is the weekend before Independence Day. We should get together then for our 55th reunion. Maybe something informal because of all the other activities going on? Maybe a breakfast, brunch, or afternoon activity? Ideas???? And maybe Margie Meneghini will dust off her Diamond Jubilee crown to reign again as queen? If you have suggestions, please share them. Attending were: Terry Backlund, Marie (Flessati) and Bob Belanger, Ruth (Massa) Couch, Mickey and Judy Dapoz, Ron DeBernardi, Lee and Margie Meneghini, Darlene (Larson) Peebles, Bert and Donna Peterson, Karen (Swanson) Salling. Classes of ‘61, 62, 64 Represented Sept 10, 2015 A nice turnout of NHS grads and guests turned out at Mike’s on Main for our Sept 10th get-together. We’re hoping to alternate the lunches around to various other Norway venues, like Norway Mountain (when and if they open for lunch), golf course (doubt they are open for lunch), and perhaps the Knight Owl. Here are the attendees in no particular order (were they out of order?). Lois (Beckstrom) Zember '61, Ruth (Massa) Couch '61, Don Wash '61, Carol (Brisson) Zechlin '61, Mickey '61 and Judy Dapoz, Terry Backlund '61, Karin (Krook) Norman '61, Tom Carlson '61, Bert '61 and Donna Peterson . Guests from other classes: Francis Wash '62, Pam (Wollum) Schram '62, Charlie Yonts '62, Art Marcell '62, GeorgeAnn and Dan VanWolvelaere (both '62), Janice Erickson '62, and Dick Lenes, Shirley (Morosini) DeBernardi '62, and Jim Wash '64 December 11, 2014 Get-Together Santa wasn’t there, but a bunch of his elves showed up! We had a great turnout considering the time of year, and with everyone busy with Christmas. There were thirteen of us. Standing from left: Bert Peterson, Mike Dapoz, Judy Dapoz, John Lovato, Carol (Brisson) Zechlin, Barb (Helmer) Schultz, Tom Carlson, and Bob Belanger. (click photo to enlarge view) Seated from left: Donna Peterson, Bonnie (Trepanier) Gurgall, Marie (Flessati) Belanger, Shirley DeBernardi, and Ron DeBernardi. Al Carlotto sends his love to all. He stopped by before the lunch. He and Chris have sold their hunting camp and were busy getting it ready for the transfer of ownership. Carol (Brisson) Zechlin mentioned our Norway museum veterans’ videotaping project and asked for ideas in helping getting some of the work done and funded. Contact Carol with ideas or for more details. Barb (Helmer) Schultz provided a neat picture from our elementary school days ... it’s on our Classmates page, with urchins identified. Oct 21, 2014 - Lunch Bunch Represented 3 Classes We don’t have a group photo, but we can tell you who was there ... '60 John "Kimo" and Mary Kimichik '61 Mike and Judy Dapoz, Terry Backlund, Nancy (Banfield) and Luke Le Bouef, Glen and Eeva Peroceschi, Darlene (Larsen) Peebles, Shirley (Jansen) Clarke, Janise (Vivio) Bilski, Karen (Swanson) Salling, Marie (Flessati) and Bob Belanger, and Bert and Donna Peterson '62 Francis Wash and Charlie Yonts
Remember way back when? Here are some links to take you back in time. Music, history, and predictions for the future ... enjoy! Music by Year 1961 Jukebox 1961 Wikipedia 1961 History 1961 Future Cars We Drove (or dreamed of) Joey Gee and the Bluetones - 2008 Patsy Cline Lip-Sync: “She’s Got You” (may take a few moments to load, but it’s definitely worth the wait!)
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Where it started for many of us ... McKinley School. It’s no longer standing, but we are!
July 17 Lunch Draws Almost 30 from NHS Classes of 1961-62 Initial reports indicate noisy crowd, but no arrests reported We’re waiting for more information from several eyewitnesses, but a good mix of classmates from ‘61 & ‘62 whooped it up July 17, 2014 Click the photo to enlarge the image Back Row L-R: Bert Peterson, Mike Hewlett, Barb (Helmer) Schultz, Frank Outcalt, Karin (Krook) Norman, Lee Meneghini (partially hidden), Alan Sebrechts, Terry Backlund, Dan Van Wolvelaere, Art Marcell, Bob Belanger. Middle Row L-R: Don Wash, Karen (Swanson) Salling, Mary Lou (Morosini) Outcalt, Darlene (Larson) Peebles, Francis Wash, Georgeann (DeRidder), Van Wolveleare, Shirley (Jansen) Clarke, Karen (Zadra) Justus, Tom Carlson. Front Row L-R: Donna Peterson, Bonnie (Trepanier) Gurgall, Ruth Ann (Massa) Crouch, Marie (Flessati) Belanger, Shirley (Morosini) DeBernardi, and (kneeling) Carol (Brisson) Zechlin. Not Pictured: Margie (Bal) Meneghini, Charlie Yonts, Becky Sebrechts. “Birthday” Picnic, July 20, 2013 (see 50+ picnics page) More than 70 people near, at, or past 70th birthday kick up their heels! The Norway High School classes of 1960, 1961, and 1962 gathered at Lake Antoine for an afternoon and evening of conversation, food, music, laughs, and surprises. About eighty people attended, and it was a most enjoyable adventure. If you’d suggested to any of us fifty plus years ago that we’d have this much fun at a picnic in 2013, I don’t think any of us would have believed it for a minute. But it happened, and it was great! Here’s a taste of what you missed ... “Old Time Rock and Roll!” You could call this “Art in the Park!” Click photo to enlarge ... CLICK HERE TO SEE VIDEO! Also see “Center Field” part 1 part 2 Thanks to Sue C for capturing these! It was a real treat to see not only our own classmates, but friends from the other classes who shared our NHS years. Hope this starts a trend toward multi-year gatherings! More info & photos on the “50+ Picnics” page ... click button in top bar. To all who attended, it was great to see you! To Darlene and others who helped make this picnic happen, THANK YOU!!!
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