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Photos From Our 50 Year Reunion  This section will be a work in progress for some time to come.  We’ll put out the best photos as we receive them, and we’ll ask you to contact Kenny if you have other photos to add to the collection.  If at some point we put names with some of the photos, we’ll keep it to first names only, perhaps with a last name initial.  Some of you may have posted your photos to online albums ... if the link can be shared and you’d like to have it posted here, again ... contact Kenny.    We’re starting with a pair of similar group shots. The reason for posting several of these is that as people were moving around a bit, some faces were hidden, or eyes closed, etc.  With multiple photos, there’s a good chance you can see a good shot of each person.  Point at any face and that portion of the photo will enlarge!  Here are a couple more group photos taken at the Jake Menghini Museum on the old Odill pop factory property.
Spring Trilliums
High School  Norway Class of nineteen hundred sixty one
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Arriving at Norway Mountain Lodge (scroll down) Bert & Donna Peterson greeted classmates and guests at the door as they arrived, handing out name tags, and taking photos. Below is a gallery showing the attendees, and finishing up with a few shots of our cake, our display table, and our distinguished speakers, Bert and Terry. If anyone has any video from the reunion, please let Kenny know. We’ll be adding the text of some of Bert’s and Terry’s remarks, and will be adding more photos as we receive them. Since we can present materials this way for viewing and printing, without incurring the hassle and cost of mailing things out, we’ll continue to add to this site ... and it will remain online.
Ray & Bonnie Donny Kathy & Dick Barb & Frank Norbert & Barb Colleen & Wayne Ruth Ann Johnny Colleen & Tom Mary & Tom Janise Joe & Carol Joey Karen & Ralph Lois Frank & Mary Lou Jim Rose Mary & Dick Judy & Ken Judy & Mike Margie & Lee Eeva & Glen Gerry & Janis Billy Shirley Karen & Darlene Jack & Lois Carol Nancy & Luke Karen Dwight & Billie Jo Al & Chris Sue & Dave Kay & Terry Pam & Kenny Bob & Marie Ron & Shirley Bert & Donna cake table settings memory table Bert at podium Terry at podium Missed, sent pic Alan & Linda Newton & Mary
50 Year Reunion Well Attended, Fully Enjoyed! The Norway High School Class of 1961 held its 50 year class reunion on August 13, 2011. Fifty years have seemingly gone by very FAST ... and it was fun to catch up a bit, even though there wasn’t nearly enough time. We lived it up at Norway Mountain about as late as you’d expect ... until almost 10:00. Remember when we were in high school, and we'd see pictures of old people at their 20th reunions in the Iron Mountain News? And REALLY old ones at their 30th. Ancient ones at their 40th, and we wondered if even our parents knew anybody THAT old! Well, just to put it in perspective, the class of 1971 held their 40th this year, and they were finishing 2nd grade when we graduated! There were a number of folks taking pictures, including of the whole group of classmates. We’ll be posting pictures from the reunion, for the enjoyment of those who were there and also for those who weren’t able to make it. Watch this site ... we’ll be updating it with more from the reunion, in addition to the pictures. This site will stay up, and you can contact Kenny at the address below, right, if you have any questions or suggestions ... or more material to be included. Some folks indicated an interest in another reunion, perhaps in five years ... and judging from the way the 50th went, and the good turnout and smiling faces, it seems like a good idea!
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