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Photos From Previous Reunions ... and Remembrances (scroll down)  We’ve had several previous class reunions.  The picture below is from 1971, our ten-year reunion.  If you scroll down a bit, you’ll find four smaller pictures representing different reunions.  If you hover your mouse over each of those pictures, they’ll enlarge and fill the big frame.  To paraphrase the guy from the Men’s Wearhouse commercials ... “You’ll LIKE the way you looked.  We GUARANTEE IT!                             (scroll to the bottom of this page to see individual photos of our deceased classmates)
Spring Trilliums
High School  Norway Class of nineteen hundred sixty one
10 Year - 1971
20 Year - 1981
25 Year - 1986
30 Year - 1991
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Yvonne Anderson Steve Canavera Eddie De Roeck Sharon Gendron Rita Goodreau Jerry Holmberg David Kososki John Nylund David Thomas Dennis Thomas Gary Van Overmeiren
We Won’t Forget You Remembering our classmates have passed away. We want to acknowledge them as we reminisce about our school days together. Thanks for the memories, all of you! Yvonne Anderson 6/8/99 Nancy Banfield 6/9/21 Steve Canavera 11/2/71 Eddie De Roeck 4/2/06 Marie Flessati 10/20/20 Sharon Gendron 4/8/10 Rita Goodreau 5/7/02 Jerry Holmberg 8/25/65 Bill Jansen 5/8/14 David Kososki 11/4/87 Gail LeGrave 12/20/2018 Lee Meneghini 1/4/2021 Carol Miller 5/23/2020 John Nylund 5/4/95 Donna Rozine 10/19/20 Bonnie Rugg 1/3/15 Billy Temple 3/14/05 David Thomas 2/10/09 Dennis Thomas 5/21/03 Dick Thomas 6/25/12 Bonnie Trepanier 4/18/15 Gary Van Overmeiren 11/17/07 Karen Zadra 8/19/2020 Click thumbnail photo to enlarge
Our Five-Year Reunion The Class of 1961 held a 5 year reunion in 1966. Following our 50th, Darlene Peebles notified me she had a photo from that celebration, so here it is. Boy, these folks look so young! Click photo to see larger view.
5 Year Reunion
Dick Thomas Bill Jansen Bonnie Rugg Karen Zadra Gail LeGrave
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Billy Temple Bonnie Trepanier Marie Flessati Donna Rozine Carol Miller Lee Meneghini