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Notes, Odds & Ends, Miscellaneous Stuff  Norway 1961 Caps, Mugs, Shirts, etc.  We’ve set up an online shop at, a company which makes stuff with logos, photos, designs of all kinds. The idea is that they have a set price for their items, and they make ‘em as ordered, so there’s no inventory, no up-front costs to do this.  What we’ve done is to create a couple designs that incorporate Norway and 1961, and then just matched ‘em up with a few items, including caps, mugs, t-shirts, and golf shirts.  The price shown is the base price from CafePress; there is no markup; you’re getting it at cost.  Click the button above, and it’ll take you to the catalog (there are two sections, and you need to click on the links in the box on the left side of the main screen).  Anything you order will be shipped directly to your home address.  Our School Song  The tune of our high school fight song is hard to find.  It’s “Frat March” by John F Barth.  I managed to find one decent version, but it was MUCH slower ... the “alma mater” of Lansing Eastern High School.  And now that link seems to be missing!  Will keep looking for a link so you can hear it!  Our words:   (sung at march tempo)  True as the blue in our colors, We work to bring you fame. We’ll always help you onward, Never to bring you shame.  Memories of Norway High School Mean more to us than gold. They’ll be our greatest treasure, As years of life unfold.  What Would You Like to See on This Website?  If you have comments, memories, etc. that you’d like to submit, send it via e-mail to Kenny ... address on homepage.   We’ll keep this site up as a resource for NHS graduates, at least for classes within a few years of ours.  If you want to send photos, please contact Ken prior to sending!  A Few More Norway Images      (hover mouse over each image below to see larger image above)
Spring Trilliums
High School  Norway Class of nineteen hundred sixty one
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McKinley School ... a charcoal sketch based on a drawing of the “new” school in a 1902 Dickinson County souvenir book. It was named after recently assassinated president William McKinley. It’s now long gone. Six of our McKinley teachers! Nancy Banfield took a camera to school, and got this wonderful shot of Mrs St Vincent, Mrs Ducharme, Miss Dierickx, Mrs Sutherland, Miss Menghini, and Miss Martini. (asking Nancy to confirm names) Asselin’s Creamery ... the milk bottle that was Norway’s biggest tourist attraction when we were kids. Postcards were everywhere back then, but it’s hard to find photos today. The Viking Ship that now graces the highway entrances to our home town.
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