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Spring Trilliums
High School  Norway Class of nineteen hundred sixty one
Graduation Day - June 8, 1961 Endings & Beginnings We had come to the end of our high school days, and were looking forward to things like college, careers, families, and adventures, not necessarily in that order. It was also the last official event in the long career of our principal, Mr John J Schiska, and we were honored to have him as our commencement speaker. Mr Schiska liked group sing-alongs, and he had a favorite song we often sang at banquets and other school functions over the years, “Let Me Call You Sweetheart.” So to celebrate the beginning of his retirement, we sang it at the end of our ceremony. Scroll down for a musical tribute to Mr Schiska!
TThis is a bit contemporary, but we think Mr Schiska would have liked it!
RIP, John J
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