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Other Stuff ... examples, ideas, tests, etc. We did have some Flash animations here, but support for Flash ended on 12/31/2020, so we have deleted those items. Our examples of PayPal widgets are still here and functional, and there’s a DHTML example below the PayPal stuff. We may add other things in the future.
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Collectors’ Items PayPal Button Examples
Three-pronged Blivit illustration at right
Leinie’s 12-oz Bottle no illustration available
Leinie’s 12-oz Can no illustration available
Use this type of button when you are selling ONE product
Use this type of button when you are selling multiple products, and a customer might by more than one thing on the same order. View Cart button lets you see what’s already in your basket.
Ice Cream (1 Quart) this example shows how a button can have multiple options Clamo, clamatis, omnes clamamus por glace lactis.
Use this type of button when selling multiple variations of ONE product at same price.
Intergarten.com Intergarten.com
Here’s a DHTML script from Dynamic Drive ... CMotionGallery
Use cursor to control direction and speed of slider. First three images at left will provide actions if clicked. Display image, display enlarged image, and go to website (respectively).