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Other Stuff ... examples, ideas, tests, etc. We did have some Flash animations here, but support for Flash ended on 12/31/2020, so we have deleted those items. Our examples of PayPal widgets are still here and functional, and there’s a DHTML example below the PayPal stuff. We may add other things in the future.
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Collectors’ Items PayPal Button Examples
Three-pronged Blivit illustration at right
Leinie’s 12-oz Bottle no illustration available
Leinie’s 12-oz Can no illustration available
Use this type of button when you are selling ONE product
Use this type of button when you are selling multiple products, and a customer might by more than one thing on the same order. View Cart button lets you see what’s already in your basket.
Ice Cream (1 Quart) this example shows how a button can have multiple options Clamo, clamatis, omnes clamamus por glace lactis.
Use this type of button when selling multiple variations of ONE product at same price.
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