About Intergarten.com Intergarten.com began as a “play space” for our own experimental work, prototype websites, and just messing around with video and trying various animation techniques. It still serves that purpose, but has been expanded to demonstrate what kinds of things we’re doing. It also will provide some examples of advanced techniques we can put to use for YOUR website! The multi-level menu under “websites” above is a good example of how that type of navigation can be used in place of a lengthy list of links, typically placed down the left side. We can also do left-side navigation buttons where the sub-menus “fly out” rather than dropping down. Please check back now & then to see what kinds of things we’re adding to the site, and feel free to contact us if you’d like to know more about creating or replacing a website. If we’re developing a site for you, it will likely be hosted, at least temporarily, in the Intergarten space, and if you wish to have it available for others to see during development, we can make it happen. Some folks want to solicit feedback, and this helps to do that.
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