© Bullseye Taxidermy / Bruce Nelson  2011                                                                                                        Site Design:  intergarten.com Made with Xara Bruce’s interest in taxidermy began when he was quite young, and learned about hunting and fishing from his dad.  He later became interested in the mounting and preservation of hunting and fishing trophies.  Here are some of his personal reflections ... “I love to hunt! The joy of leaving the city and stress behind and experiencing the wild beautiful outdoors. That feeling you get when you slam your bolt closed, sling your rifle and head to your favorite hunting spot. That feeling you have of being the ultimate predator and this will be your lucky day. That Boone and Crockett bull elk, 50 inch Colorado moose, monster muley or bobcat that you just called in or even that fresh bear track in the snow that you just came upon while following that game trail through the thick downed timber. Hearing that unmistakeable bugle of a bull elk while you're waiting in the crisp darkness of pre- dawn waiting for enough light to see into the meadow below you. Looking through your scope at a big whitetail with your finger just touching the safety and your mind is racing, wondering if he might get just a little closer. Finally - calling your best friend on your 2- way radio and telling him to bring his frame- pack. Backstraps for supper tonight! “As a result of my passion for huntng and fishing, I went to school and started my taxidermy business in 1988. “I also build log furniture and custom display cabinets for your prized trophies.  You’ll see some of this craft in the photos on this site.” Bruce & Willey Black powder In the studio ... Pat & Bruce Pair of fish Log bed Raccoon & creel Whitetail, Ebert's squirrel, pine marten