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Here you’ll find a collection of photos of some of Bruce’s work.  Just point your cursor at any thumbnail picture in this grouping at right, and a larger image of that picture will appear in the frame NOTE: This layout doesn’t have the “zoom” capability, but the thumbnails are larger and easier to see. We can make the page longer and put several of these out there ... or we can have separate pages for birds, fish, and game. Any number of combinations possible.  We’ll just keep tossing ‘em out and go with what looks best to you. At right s a different gallery layout.  There are many more small thumbnails (20 in this example).  If you click on any one of them, you’ll see that picture appear enlarged in the left frame.  If you point your mouse at any part of the larger picture, you’ll see another panel open up at right  (it temporarily overlays the twenty thumbnails), and that new panel will show VERY close-up detail of the area you’re pointing at. For most uses, the thumbnails are too small, and to use the “zoom” feature to magnify requires that the original photos be shot at very high resolution. Sometimes, we have to remind the kids not to feed the animals. You can click these photos at right to see larger view. Kid, critters, bed Fox & kid