Examples of graphic objects and techniques with Xara Developer Pro 7  We’ve created this sampling of photo objects, galleries, slide shows, and other features that are available to developers using Xara Developer Pro version 7.  We think you’ll enjoy seeing some of the cool design capabilities offered by this outstanding vector-based WYSIWYG web authoring package!  Xara Developer Pro is our tool of choice for website development; we can build a website for you, or help you learn how to use Xara to develop your own site. All of the graphics examples on this site make use of pre-defined widgets which are built into the Xara software.  You plug in your own photos, but you don’t have to do any coding to make the magic happen.  Xara has many other amazing capabilities built in, so you can concentrate on making the site LOOK the way you want.  Xara handles all the coding.  But it DOES allow you to incorporate snippets from outside sources, and even to insert your own code if you wish.  Learn more via their website at www.xara.com.  There are many demo movies available so you can see this amazing program at work and see “how-to” techniques, too! The demo site for our web development business is www.intergarten.com The site for our overall business presence is www.aviceda.com; we also do information systems development. We work with smaller clients to develop information systems and/or a web presence.  We’d like to chat about your information management challenges, or about your web presence.  Invite us to visit with you to see how we may be able to help; there’s NEVER a fee for consultation. Reach us via e-mail ...                      ... or send message to info (at) intergarten.com Made with Xara © Kenneth J Anderson & Associates ... intergarten.com ... 2011