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Club Officers President - David Edlund, Davidedlund17@gmail.com 651-276-4553 Vice President - Bryan Maki Recording Secretary - Sue Swanson Treasurer - Dave Swanson Corresponding Secretary - Kris Edlund Social Media Administrator - Kris Edlund Hill Captains - TBA Chalet Address, Phone, E-mail Address 1210 Sterling St S, Maplewood MN 55119 Chalet phone - 651-739-1285 Ski Club e-mail - stpaulskiclub@gmail.com Mission Statement of the St Paul Ski Club To use the sport of ski jumping to enhance the self worth, character, and quality of life for all people who are involved in the Club. Ski Jumpers Provide facilities that are safe, challenging, and rewarding; and coaching in accordance with their individual aspirations. Adolescents Educate them to value and respect themselves and others through providing a fun, safe and balanced approach to the sport of Ski Jumping. Teach them interdependence through being an active participants in the St. Paul Junior Ski Club. Teenagers Teach them the value of disciplined training and work ethic by providing an environment which allows each individual the opportunity to get out of the sport what they put into it. Teach them leadership and cooperation through being active in administering the St. Paul Junior Ski Club. Adults Provide an environment for friendly competition and an opportunity to help develop the youth through leading by example. Members Provide the opportunity to "give back" to the sport, and to experience the joys of service, fellowship, and camaraderie. Parents Afford the peace of mind that their children are not only getting the benefits of physical activity, but are also learning some of the larger lessons of life. Encourage the parent's involvement to the degree that they desire. Neighbors The Club operates within the regulatory guidelines the Maplewood public parks, and strives to be a "good neighbor". USSA SPSC is member club in good standing, abides by USSA rules/regulations, and functions as a "feeder" organization in terms of ski jumping and administrative talent. Community Produce/provide better citizens that will make a positive contribution to society.
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Junior Development The St. Paul Ski Club works to develop junior ski jumpers who are 17 years of age or younger. For decades, we have operated a Christmas Vacation Training Camp to introduce the sport and our club to new kids and their parents. We target younger kids who generally begin on our 10 – meter, or "Bunny Hill". The camp incorporates video taping and coaching on the basics of the sport, and culminates with a tournament where all participants are rewarded for their efforts. Winter Our winter season consists of weeknight training on all four jumps and a series of Friday night competitions, where all participants are rewarded regardless of how they place in the tournament. Results of these meets are compiled over the course of the season and all participants are again rewarded for their "Season Standings" at our annual Spring Awards Banquet. Summer The summer season offers training on two of our jumps, the 20 and 46 meter hills which are equipped with plastic surfaces to simulate snow. The summer culminates with a fall Invitational Tournament that takes place in late summer. Visit our Schedule & Results page for updated information on this summer's program.
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