the Gly-Tek testkit
The TestKit The Gly-Tek TestKit is a very compact, complete kit containing everything necessary for ten complete tests. No costly or lengthy lab work is required. The test can be performed in less than five minutes and the results are known within fifteen minutes. Anyone, anywere can perform a Gly-Tek test, in the garage or plant, in the field, or in the laboratory. The test gives an IMMEDIATE "YES OR NO" ANSWER. All guesswork by personnel is eliminated. A positive test shows the presence of a contaminant in the sample, thus indicating further action is necessary to ascertain the source of the contaminant. Why The Gly-Tek Test Is Needed When ethylene glycol leaks its way into lubricating oil systems, the mixture polymerizes into a very viscous fluid. This "taffy-like" combination plugs oil lines and ports, resulting in costly engine repairs. Research shows that as little as 50 ppm of ethylene glycol promotes varnish and sludge formation which leads to accelerated wear, thus causing early engine malfunction and possible seizure. An amount this small, undetected, would appear as only a negligible coolant loss. Where The Test Is Most Needed * All engines and transmissions using ethylene glycol in their cooling systems * Vehicles with head gasket replacements * Pre-delivery inspections on used vehicles * Routine screening of fleet vehicles * Bearing failures where other causes cannot be determined Recommended in ASTM Standard ASTM Standard D2982 references the Gly-Tek Kit as an acceptable method for testing for the presence of ethylene glycol. Referenced in Service Bulletins Several large engine and transmission manufacturing companies refer to the Gly-Tek Kit in their maintenance and repair bulletins as a quick test for the presence of ethylene glycol. One example is Allison Transmission. DON'T RISK engine loss or incur unnecessary maintenance costs. If a problem is suspected, or as a preventative measure, BE POSITIVE with a Gly-Tek field test!
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