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This website was created a few days after Alice died on March 31, 2001, at the age of 92. It's not intended as a genealogy site, although it has information on the families of their sisters and brothers as well as the info we have about their parents, and several grandparents who immigrated to America. The primary purpose of this site will be to list and provide contact information for descendants of the Anderson and Donovan families. It's for those who are interested in keeping in touch, learning family history, and sharing stories or pictures. Please send updates, inquiries, and comments to ken@intergarten.com
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Anderson / Donovan families

Nick (1904-1970) & Alice (1908-2001)

Lifelong Residents of Norway, Michigan

Alice and Nick were married in Norway on March 22, 1938. They spent their lives in Norway, a small town in Michigan's Upper Peninsula. Each was the youngest of a large family. They had two children, Ken and Joan. Click the family names in the navigation bar for specific information on the Anderson or Donovan families. You may want to bookmark one of the family pages instead of this page as a starting point for your next visit. There’s also a family tree for each family (also links in nav bar) Nick worked for his family's Chevrolet dealership as a young man; that's where he met Alice, who worked there in bookkeeping. They later owned a small business, Anderson Manufacturing Company, which made a variety of products including folding card tables and matching chairs, the indoor action game "BasBal", and "Port-A-Bench" folding ladder stands. Alice also worked at the Dickinson County Library, beginning at the main office in Iron Mountain. She later became the head librarian in the Norway branch for a few years before she retired. The photo at the top of this page is a recent view from the Anderson cottage in Spread Eagle, WI. The photo at left shows Nick, Ken, and Joan in their little rowboat, probably about 1948. Uncle Chester (Dobbin) Donovan is in the water near the front of the boat, and the legs sticking up near the right edge are probably those of Alice. click photo to enlarge
Arvid J (Nick) Anderson 1904 - 1970 Alice Matilda Donovan 1908 - 2001
Spread Eagle WI
Spread Eagle WI