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No ownership of any of the music is claimed or implied by the designer of this website.
What You’ll Find Here ... How about a little music?  Your webmaster is a YouTube junkie, and has a penchant for looking up obscure stuff from years back. This site contains some interesting things you might never have heard, or at least not recently: This is by no means an exhaustive list of all my favorite groups and singers.  I'll add more as time permits. My tastes are eclectic, and about the only things you won't hear are big bands, heavy metal, rap, or opera, and it’s mostly from the mid fifties to the mid 70s.  There’s lots of classic rock and old country stuff, and I'll probably eventually create a dedicated sections for one-hit wonders and novelty songs. The Tom Lehrer stuff opens the door to parody and satire, so you can expect we'll include such artists as Homer & Jethro, the Smothers Brothers, and Weird Al Yankovic. Caveat ... Most, if not all, of the links will be to YouTube.  Because of copyright issues, sometimes things are removed by the authors, or by YouTube.  I can’t guarantee that every link will work, but if something gives you a dead end, just go to YouTube and enter the song you’d like to hear, but chances are you’ll find lots of links to that song, both by the artist you’re looking for and by others. I’ll update obsolete links as I find ‘em. Who Is This, Anyway? Doesn’t matter who I am.  I’m just an old guy who likes a lot of music.  And a lot of other stuff, too.  I’ve got websites for other interests, and some planned that aren’t yet in the development stage.  To go along with this lengthy (and growing) collection of music links, I’m going to give you a list of four stories/books that really resonate with me.  All are short, some may be familiar, and all are worth the time.  The first two are sometimes thought of as kid’s stories ... but have deeper meaning for adults.  The third is written like a kids’ book.  It isn’t.  The fourth one may seem like fiction to those who’ve never had the pleasure of working for, or with, a real leader. Horton Hatches the Egg -- Dr Seuss      about integrity, specifically in keeping your word The Emperor’s New Clothes -- Hans Christian Andersen      recognizing BS, speaking truth to power The Little Prince -- Antoine de St Exupery    observing with “fresh eyes” and asking lots of questions Leadership is an Art -- Max De Pree    definitive book on leadership; how to do it, how to recognize it All are easy reads in a single sitting.  They embody wisdom and common sense, and each will make you smile.  
Nov 15, 2012 Welcome ... hope you enjoy this site.  Itíll always be a work in progress ... enjoy!