IWSC Nordic Ski Team Page Links to additional related info in left column (below photos). Middle School High School About the IWSC Nordic Team IWSC offers a competitive cross country ski program, open to all area high school and middle school athletes, grades 5 through 12. Athletes are not required to have skiing experience to join the ski team, but must have a desire to learn and compete on a traveling racing team. Athletes practice and race in both the skate and classic techniques. Practices are held Monday,Tuesday and Thursday from 5:15 to 6:45. Athletes are encouraged to attend practice all three nights. (New incoming 5th graders are not expected to attend all practices or race at travel meets.) Please contact a coach to obtain more specific information about athlete practice/races and athlete/parent expectations. See Ski Program/Race Schedule (link at left). Gaining an appreciation for skiing as a life-long sport is the aim of IWSC. Athletes will have the opportunity to enjoy the winter outdoors, sharing camaraderie with new friends and having fun skiing in an individual & team sport. What IWSC Nordic Ski Team offers athletes: A lighted trail system, grooming and the use of the lodge for ski team events Trained coaching staff for all levels of skill. Coaching staff that provides athletes and parents with all necessary information for ski camps, travel ski meets, organizing parent volunteer drivers, and renting/purchasing necessary ski equipment & accessories. A limited amount of skis that are available on a first come-first served basis for a nominal yearly deposit. Waxing clinics to teach athletes & parents how to wax skis and maintain equipment. Coordination of registrations and racing events. A racing uniform for high school & middle school members. Ski Team & IWSC Membership Fees High school ski team activity fee is $50 per athlete and middle school ski team activity fee is $35 per athlete. All athletes must join IWSC at a family rate of $100. IWSC Coaching Staff and Contact Information: Phil Mahoney, nordicnut46@gmail.com Todd Williams, toddjen@charter.net, 715-630-0727 Kris Barnes, Coach (kristinbbarnes@yahoo.com) 715.824.2145 cell 715.498.9060 Jake Barnes, Coach (trim@wi-net.com) 715.824.2145 cell 715.498.2582
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Hayward Christmas Classic ... Girls, Trophy, Boys Click photos to enlarge ... more below! Mya Zajakowski, Emma Barnes, Anna Zajakowski Sam Sheibley, Seth Barnes, Sean McGibbon F-Sam Basala, Peter Barnes, Andrew Ross;  R-Thomas Basala, Trent Miller Sean McGibbon 2016-17 Team - Combined Middle & High School
2018-19 Combined Middle & High School Team click to enlarge photos.
2018-19 Middle School Team 2018-19 High School Team