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Embedded Website - External Content Server
Scenes from our hometown, Sheboygan WI          Copyright 2010-14         Kenneth J Anderson & Assoc.
This is an embedded Google Sites page ... this technique will allow some of the content of a website to be served up by an external system which allows for distributed editing SCROLL DOWN FOR AN EMBEDDED GOOGLE FORM..
Embedded Form - External Content Server
This is an embedded Google Docs page ... if you design a form with Google Docs, it automatically creates a spreadsheet to hold the responses.  Of course it’s free, and you can log in and view your results from anywhere.
Embedded Form - View Data in Spreadsheet
Google Docs will not permit the spreadsheet behind this form to be displayed in an embedded i-frame.  So we’ve provided the button below ... opens in a new window.  Since it’s private info, you’ll need an ID and password, but it could be defined as publicly available.
View Spreadsheet With Info Collected from Form
After submitting a response, you’ll be given the option of viewing a summary of all results.