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This is what kids were doing back in the late 1940s if they lived near a ski jump and had big dreams of flying! This 20th Century Fox newsreel footage was filmed in Iron Mountain, Michigan, and one of the featured jumpers is 2009 ASJ HOF inductee Willie Erickson, at age 11 (he’s the one who identified the year for us!). Those old enough to remember newsreels at the movies will possibly recognize the voice of the narrator ... Mel Allen, famed as the voice of the New York Yankees. The equipment has changed, the facilities look much different today, but ski jumpers start young, on small hills, just like they did back then.  Your webmaster, and many of the folks involved with the American Ski Jumping Hall of Fame, will remember scenes just like these.  Younger athletes will have different pictures in their heads, but they will all remember one thing they have in common ... experiencing the thrill of flight and always wanting more! Learning to Ski Jump in 1949 ... 20th Century Fox Movie Newsreel Footage! Who we are, background, mission, contact info Announcements, upcoming events, news, articles Info and images from our museum Inductees to the ASJ Hall of Fame, by year Museums, collections, books, links to history resources Links to topics of current interest in US ski jumping Membership form ... please join us and support this effort! Women’s Ski Jumping USA USA Ski Jumping  (men) US Ski Team Nordic Page click logos to visit websites    National Ski Hall of Fame          Ishptming MI  Skiing Heritage Magazine       International Skiing       History Association American Ski Jumping HOF and Museum Opened Jan 25, 2014 Grand Opening of expanded display area at the historic St James Hotel, Red Wing MN The American Ski Jumping Hall of Fame and Museum celebrated its Grand Opening on January 25.  The display area is housed on the second floor of the elegant and historic St James Hotel in Red Wing MN, “The Birthplace of American Ski Jumping.”  It now occupies a much larger space, and will feature a much more extensive display of the history of this spectacular sport in this country, from the time It was introduced by Norwegian immigrants in the 1880s to the present day.  Video clip from Kare11, Minneapolis The first documented ski jumping competition in America was held in Red Wing in 1887, and history continues to be made.  Just a few weeks after our grand opening, women will compete in the Olympics for the first time. Doors opened at 3:00 on Saturday.  The award-winning documentary “Ready to Fly,” the story of the long battle for recognition and inclusion of female jumpers at the highest level of the sport, was shown at 4:00, followed by a dinner and program.  More photos on other pages ... plan to visit the Hall of Fame and Museum!